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Power BI Premium Embedded vs PRO vs FREE

At the moment, Microsoft has three versions of Power BI you can use. The Power BI Free,  Power BI Pro and Power BI Premium. The Power BI Premium is a replacement of the Power BI Embedded version. This article will highlight the differences between the three versions of Power BI.

Differences in Power BI License after  01-06-2017

PowerBI Free: Available but without collaborative elements. Nice to use for single users to explore power bi, limited value to integrate data sources
PowerBI Pro: Remains the fully functional tool . Use for Report building or create dashboards, integrate data and build data models
PowerBI Premium: Dedicated  Cloud Service for PowerBI.  Allow people to access PowerBI reports without a Pro license or serve as a cloud Service, for example to embed Power BI into a cloud application (SaaS).

PowerBI Pro evaluation version:
Everyone can perform a free 60-day evaluation of PowerBI Pro

Power BI Premium requires 12 Months Commitment!!
Comes in 3 tastes- “Small, Medium and Large” P1, P2 and P3
Here’s a handy Power BI Premium Calculator to determine if you need P1.2 or 3
Customers can start at P1 and Step Up (in year) as requirements increase.

There were soms talks about a light version of power BI Premium, starting at 650 dollars a month.

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