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Unveiling the Power of the New Card Visual in Power BI: Zebra BI Cards 1.6

In the world of data visualization and business intelligence, Microsoft Power BI continues to evolve and introduce powerful new features that enhance data reporting and analysis. One of the standout updates in recent times is the Zebra BI Cards 1.6 update, which introduces a myriad of features that will revolutionize the way KPIs are reported and understood.

What’s New?

The Zebra BI Cards 1.6 brings several new features that make KPI reporting clearer and more efficient:

Highlight Specific Cards

Now, you can emphasize specific KPIs that need special attention from your report viewers by highlighting their respective cards. This feature enhances the visual message of your dashboard, making it even stronger and helping you derive crucial insights faster.

Show Multiple BANs

The new card visual allows you to display multiple Big Annoying Numbers (BANs) on each card. This feature enables you to compare them easily on the spot, thus providing additional insights into the most critical KPIs immediately.

Sort by Different Criteria

In an effort to help you prioritize KPIs, the new card visual introduces a new sorting option for the cards. You can now organize the cards by variance (relative or absolute), title, or value and sort by plan, previous year, or forecast. This feature enables you to see KPIs from different angles, gain clarity on what needs your attention, and act accordingly.

In addition, you can now provide a detailed description of KPIs for faster understanding and switch to the basis points format to track your performance better.

Final Thoughts

The new card visual in Power BI, with its innovative features, has certainly made KPI reporting more insightful, clear, and efficient. The ability to highlight specific cards, show multiple BANs, and sort by different criteria significantly enhances data visibility and understanding. This is a clear testament to Power BI’s commitment to continuous innovation and enhancement in data visualization and business intelligence​1​.

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