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Microsoft SQL Server and Business Intelligence consultant, MCITP Certified. If you need a BI specialist for a freelance job, please contact me!

The 5 best examples Of Big Data in real life

One thing that is definitely taking the world by storm is Big Data. It is considered highly imperative for big to small industries and businesses. Companies have started to embrace the fact that big data is of utmost significance to them. WHAT IS BIG DATA AND WHAT ARE ITS BENEFITS? …

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Top 3 of the Best ETL tools in the Market in 2017

It’s pretty hard to say “best etl tools” or “single best etl tools”  to recommend. ETL-tools are very often closely related to the ERP or database product in use at an organization. As an IT professional, you just use what is provided at the company you are working for. This …

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Power BI Update September 2017

Power BI Update September 2017 The new Microsoft Power BI Desktop version has been released. This month brings another collection of new and useful updates, from reporting to data connectivity. The following updates are new to Power BI Desktop this month: Report View: Drillthrough to another report page Ribbon chart …

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How much does Microsoft Power BI cost?

How much does Microsoft Power BI cost? Microsoft Power BI offers three enterprise pricing plans to choose from, one of which can be acquired for free (1 GB data capacity limit). Power BI – Free The Free service is for personal use, according to Microsoft. It has capabilities similar to …

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SQL Server Optimize Insert Performance In 5 Steps

SQL Server Optimize Insert Performance In 5 Steps. What are the possible reasons of the slow table insert? What are ways to identify this bottleneck without the execution plan? DROP ALL triggers and constraints on the table DROP ALL indexes (except the ones that are needed by the insert) Prevent page …

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SSIS Maximum insert commit size

The default value of the Maximum insert commit size is 2147483647, the largest value a 4 byte INT will hold.  This value is default set in SQL 2012+ but you need to set it manually in versions lower then 2012. In most cases you will leave this setting alone. The value of 0 indicates that all …

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Power BI Premium Embedded vs PRO vs FREE

At the moment, Microsoft has three versions of Power BI you can use. The Power BI Free,  Power BI Pro and Power BI Premium. The Power BI Premium is a replacement of the Power BI Embedded version. This article will highlight the differences between the three versions of Power BI.

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Free e-book: Introducing Microsoft Power BI

Get started quickly with Microsoft Power BI! Experts Alberto Ferrari and Marco Russo will help you bring your data to life, transforming your company’s data into rich visuals for you to collect and organize, allowing you to focus on what matters most to you. Stay in the know, spot trends …

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SQL 2016 Database Mail not working

I was struggling with my SQL Server 2016 database mail after installing the Free Developer edition of Sql Server 2016. My server contains Microsoft Windows Server 2012 and I enabled the SMTP server. The SMTP server (local) was working fine but database mail refuses to work!

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Postcodetabel van Nederlands + SQL Script

Nederlandse postcodetabel

Inleiding De Nederlandse Postcodetabel bevat informatie over alle postcodes die in Nederland bekend zijn. Dit is erg handig als je meer informatie wilt over een bepaalde postcode zoals een geografische locatie of de plaats die bij een postcode hoort. We laten in dit artikel zien wat je met deze postcodes …

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Setup sp_send_dbmail attachment included!

sp_send_dbmail attachment

I need to setup a weekly report for one of my customers. The report can be manually run by executing a T-SQL statement and copy the result to Excel. After copying, it’s emailed to the client. By using sp_send_dbmail attachment options, you can automate this process.

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