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Microsoft SQL Server and Business Intelligence consultant, MCITP Certified. If you need a BI specialist for a freelance job, please contact me!

Power BI Welcomes Microsoft CoPilot: Pioneering the Future of AI

Introduction In the past few decades, businesses have been accumulating massive amounts of data from various sources like apps, services, and Internet of Things (IoT) sensors. However, unlocking the full potential of this data has always posed a challenge, with issues like data silos, inconsistency, and poor quality hampering innovation …

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SQL Server Disk Performance Metrics: An In-depth Guide

SQL Server Disk Performance Metrics: An In-depth Guide Understanding your SQL Server’s disk performance metrics is crucial for maintaining an efficient, high-performing database. These metrics provide insights into how well your storage system is performing and where there might be bottlenecks or problems that need to be addressed. In this …

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Unleashing the Power of Data: How Industry Leaders Implement Microsoft Power BI

Introduction Microsoft Power BI is a suite of business analytics tools that enables organizations to analyze data and share insights. Through its comprehensive dashboards, interactive reports, and compelling visualizations, businesses can transform raw data into meaningful information to drive strategic decisions. Industry leaders across various sectors are harnessing the power …

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From Excel to Power BI: Transitioning to Advanced Analytics

From Excel to Power BI: Transitioning to Advanced Analytics Over the past few decades, Excel has firmly established itself as a cornerstone of data management, manipulation, and visualization. However, in the evolving world of data analytics, tools like Microsoft Power BI have emerged as powerful alternatives, offering advanced functionalities that …

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Unlocking the Potential of Power BI: Top 10 Features for 2023

In the age of data-driven decision-making, organizations require powerful tools to transform raw data into actionable insights. Microsoft’s Power BI has become a go-to solution for businesses looking to leverage data visualization and business intelligence capabilities. With continuous updates and improvements, Power BI offers a plethora of essential features to …

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Actieve bold buttons maken in Power BI

Wanneer je met buttons werkt in Power BI om bijvoorbeeld met bookmarks te werken is het handig om te zien welke “view” actief is in je rapport. Het lijkt een beetje op het principe van een web navigatie. Door de actieve bookmark op de button zichtbaar te maken wordt het …

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Assign Power BI Pro license to External (Guest) user

Power BI Pro licentie kopen en koppelen aan een gebruiker.Korte handleiding hoe je een power bi pro licentie kunt kopen en koppelen aan een externe gebruiker. Stap 1:Deel het powerbi rapport alvast met de externe gebruiker. Nu wordt het account ook bekend in de azure directory. De link zou ik …

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