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How To Find the slowest SQL Queries

This stored procedure displays the top worst performing queries based on CPU, Execution Count,
I/O and Elapsed_Time as identified using DMV information.  This can be display the worst
performing queries from an instance, or database perspective.   The number of records shown,
the database, and the sort order are identified by passing parameters.

Performance is vital to your SQL Reports or applications. With this easy to use procedure, you can find the worst performing SQL Queries.

There are three different parameters that can be passed to this procedures: @DBNAME, @COUNT
and @ORDERBY.  The @DBNAME is used to constraint the output to a specific database.  If
when calling this SP this parameter is set to a specific database name then only statements
that are associated with that database will be displayed.  If the @DBNAME parameter is not set
then this SP will return rows associated with any database.  The @COUNT parameter allows you
to control the number of rows returned by this SP.  If this parameter is used then only the
TOP x rows, where x is equal to @COUNT will be returned, based on the @ORDERBY parameter.
The @ORDERBY parameter identifies the sort order of the rows returned in descending order.
This @ORDERBY parameters supports the following type: CPU, AE, TE, EC or AIO, TIO, ALR, TLR, ALW, TLW, APR, and TPR
where “ACPU” represents Average CPU Usage
“TCPU” represents Total CPU usage
“AE”   represents Average Elapsed Time
“TE”   represents Total Elapsed Time
“EC”   represents Execution Count
“AIO”  represents Average IOs
“TIO”  represents Total IOs
“ALR”  represents Average Logical Reads
“TLR”  represents Total Logical Reads
“ALW”  represents Average Logical Writes
“TLW”  represents Total Logical Writes
“APR”  represents Average Physical Reads
“TPR”  represents Total Physical Read

Typical execution calls

Top 6 statements in the AdventureWorks database base on Average CPU Usage

EXEC usp_Worst_TSQL @DBNAME='AdventureWorks',@COUNT=6,@ORDERBY='ACPU'

Top 100 statements order by Average Logical Read


Show top 100 statements by Average IO

EXEC usp_Worst_TSQL;


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