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Unlocking the Potential of Power BI: Top 10 Features for 2023

In the age of data-driven decision-making, organizations require powerful tools to transform raw data into actionable insights. Microsoft’s Power BI has become a go-to solution for businesses looking to leverage data visualization and business intelligence capabilities. With continuous updates and improvements, Power BI offers a plethora of essential features to …

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Actieve bold buttons maken in Power BI

Wanneer je met buttons werkt in Power BI om bijvoorbeeld met bookmarks te werken is het handig om te zien welke “view” actief is in je rapport. Het lijkt een beetje op het principe van een web navigatie. Door de actieve bookmark op de button zichtbaar te maken wordt het …

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Setup sp_send_dbmail attachment included!

sp_send_dbmail attachment

I need to setup a weekly report for one of my customers. The report can be manually run by executing a T-SQL statement and copy the result to Excel. After copying, it’s emailed to the client. By using sp_send_dbmail attachment options, you can automate this process.

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Calculate Age in SQL Server

In my daily work, I need to calculate and report the age of people very often. There are a couple of ways to calculate the age and will give you the right result. I do not recommend a SQL Function to to this. SQL Functions are performing very slow, especially …

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Calculate Lost Customers using T-SQL

Calculate Lost Customers in SQL

A common question in the Business Intelligence world from customers is “how many customers did we lose this year” ? Businesses wants to know this so they can act faster to keep customers doing business with them. In this article, I will help you to create SQL to calculate this …

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How To Find the slowest SQL Queries


This stored procedure displays the top worst performing queries based on CPU, Execution Count, I/O and Elapsed_Time as identified using DMV information.  This can be display the worst performing queries from an instance, or database perspective.   The number of records shown, the database, and the sort order are identified by …

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Interesting Course about data visualisation from Google

Making Sense of Data   Do you work with surveys, demographic information, evaluation data, test scores, or observation data? Are you interested in making the data you collect more useful by organizing it, analyzing it, and applying it in different ways? This self-paced, online course is intended for anyone who …

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