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Reset Ident Field in a Database

Reset Ident Column in Database

This is a very handy little script to generate a script to reset the ident column of all your database tables. This can be handy after filling and truncating tables. This script uses a schema “ps”. Replace it with .dbo if needed.

DBCC CHECKIDENT(''ps.' + TabelNaam  + ''',RESEED,0)'
-- LT: Linked Tables
(SELECT O.name AS TabelNaam
, S.name AS SchemaName
FROM sysobjects AS O
LEFT OUTER JOIN sys.schemas AS S ON O.uid = S.schema_id
WHERE O.type = 'u' AND O.uid=5
AND CHARINDEX('_',O.name)=0
--ORDER BY O.[name]
WHERE SchemaName = 'ps'
ORDER BY TabelNaam


Usefull to export the output to text in stead of grid.

After running the script, copy the result to a new window and run it!


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