Split postal code range into single rows

It’s been a while since my last article. I’ve been busy working on a lot of small projects. One of these was determine the market share of a single office in the country, compared to competitors. The data I needed for this project was postal code data per office and market

SSRS – Subscriptions in pending status

I had some subscriptions staying in the “Pending” LastStatus. It took me a lot of time to fix this problem. This blog will give you the solution for the  problem.

SSAS OLAP is returning wrong results

Like the title says; my SSAS OLAP cube (SQL 2008R2) was giving me wrong results when selecting a combination of a measure and a fact. I was struggling for days with this issue. I called old colleagues, reading a lot of articles online but no solution yet.

Implementing Dimension and Measure Security in SSAS

I know it was not difficult to implement security in Analysis Services.  While it’s not difficult, why did it cost me a lot of days to get this to work? Well, its because you have to do a lot of little settings and it’s easy to make a mistake. On the other hand, SSAS has a

Prevent Divide by Zero in SSRS

In a previous post, I wrote about how to prevent the divide by zero issues in Reporting Services. The problem with the custom code I used was that the code returned the value 0 when one of the numbers is 0 or unknown.

Calculate Lost Customers using T-SQL

A common question in the Business Intelligence world from customers is “how many customers did we lose this year” ? Businesses wants to know this so they can act faster to keep customers doing business with them. In this article, I will help you to create SQL to calculate

Interesting Course about data visualisation from Google

Making Sense of Data   Do you work with surveys, demographic information, evaluation data, test scores, or observation data? Are you interested in making the data you collect more useful by organizing it, analyzing it, and applying it in different ways? This self-paced, online co

New SQLBlog.nl Logo

Sqlblog.nl exists 4 years now and I thought it was time for a new design and logo for Sqlblog.nl. Today I am proudly to present the new Sqlblog.nl Logo, thanks to KeviG for his effort. I hope you like it. I also did some new styling to the site to make it more user friendly.

Dynamic Refresh SSRS Cache Using SQL

I am working for a client which uses a Datawarehouse in which the data is loaded once a day during the night. During the rest of the day, nothing changes in the datawarehouse. After a couple of years, the database grows and grows and reports are getting slower and slower. Another prob

Calculate time in hours and minutes between two dates

 Sounds easy right? I want to calculate the difference in hours and minutes between two dates. A good readable notition for my report. I want a format like this: 00:36:53 OR 02:13:45 This can easy be done using a T-SQL Statement like this: CONVERT(nvarchar(64), EindDatum-S